Acquire the skill to measure and calculate the amount of paint required for each room

Discover how to determine the precise quantity of paint required for a particular space step-by-step to save money.

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How much paint do you really need to buy for your home paint project? We will show you exactly how to calculate the right amount of paint, so that you do not over-buy a product that you are not going to use and that you could even save some money.

Sometimes we find ourselves painting their own house, but we have no idea how much to spend. That is why it is important to let us be guided by the paint experts at City Coatings. Don’t miss out on the best advice from professional painters!

How to measure a room to determine how much paint is needed to be able to paint a room

Here we will put the example of a typical bedroom, where we seek to paint the ceiling, the walls and the frames. We’re applying two layers to everything, so that’s the base line in this example project. Let’s look at every explanation in detail about how much paint to use at home part of the interior of the house at City Coatings!


In this example, the ceiling has a ceiling fan, and we will need a metric tape to measure. Usually one of 25 feet is enough. If you want to be really stylish, you can use something like a Bosch, that is, a laser meter. This meter is incredible, because it marks the ideal distance when we don’t get to the point.

By considering when looking at the ceiling paint, you want to look at the bottom or the back of a can. By looking at the paint can, it will tell you how many square feet each paint can will cover.

Generally, any interior painting of houses based on latex, almost all have the same cover. It is mostly between 350 and 400 square feet. If you’re not familiar with square foot measurements, imagine a square one foot by one foot and then that square is what we’re talking about. So, this ceiling paint can will cover approximately 400 square feet of a given surface.

How to measure the ceiling

What you have to do is measure the length and width of the room, you just run its metric ribbon along one of the walls. We are dealing with a rectangle here, so we only need these measures. In this particular example, the width of the roof is 12 feet and the ceiling length is 14 feet.

This is a fairly standard size for a bedroom. Then you take the length and width of the ceiling and multiply those two numbers so that 12 by 14 gives us 168 square feet. It’s the total square feet for this roof.

Amount of paint for the ceiling

How much paint will be applied to the ceiling? In the example, two layers are applied to the ceiling. So we multiply the total number of square feet of the ceiling by two, that is, 336 square feet that we have to deal with.

But, if we look at a can of ceiling paint, we know it will cover between 350 and 400 square feet. Which means a gallon of ceiling paint, is all we’re going to need to paint two layers on the ceiling of this room. 


Now we need to determine the area of the wall surface to know how much paint you need and if we fix it. It’s the same as painting the ceiling. In any type of standard wall paint, this is matte duration.

In the same wall paint can, it says it has a coverage of 350 to 400 square feet. Generally, this information is located somewhere where there is balance in the can.

How to measure the wall

Now we’ll see how many square feet we’re going to paint. Choose a wall and we call it number 1, take your metric tape or laser and determine the width from corner to corner. Then you will have to measure from the floor to the end.

There are a couple of ways to do it on the ceiling, but basically you pass the tape from below and then roll it up. Or if you have a laser, just put the laser on the floor and shoot it to the ceiling. For these measurements you only need to determine the height of the ceiling. Then it will be the same for all the other walls.

4 wall measurements

In this first wall, we have 12 feet wide by 8 feet high, standard ceilings 8 feet tall. Multiplying 12 by 8 gives us 96 square feet. Then, wall number two, which will be the same, is 14 feet wide by 8 feet high, which gives us 112 square feet.

Wall number three, measures 12 feet wide by 8 feet high, again gives us 96 square feet and wall number four. It’ll be 14 feet wide and 8 feet tall, it’s a rectangle and gives us 112 square feet. If we add all this, you’ll get about 416 square feet.

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Amount of paint for wall

We follow the example and here we will apply two layers of paint. We can multiply the total of the square feet of the 4 walls of the room by two, which will give us 832 sq ft.

If there are windows, sliding doors for cabinets and frames on the walls, where does it consume part of the surface area? One way is to measure each window, door and frame, then subtract that from your total square feet. But in general, it is not necessary to be so specific with these measures.

Example of calculation

Total square feet 832 without deducting anything from what was mentioned in the previous paragraph. It would possibly reach 700 square feet in total for all that wall space.

So, how much paint do the four walls carry? That leads us to two layers of paint, which will be two gallons of wall paint. So when calculate the right amount of paint, we see on the gallon label that says up to 400 square feet approximately.

Two of these cans will give us 800 and we have a little less than 800 square feet in total, by deducting all the ornaments and doors. It may not always be the case to have a room with large walls or large racks or something.

So that might matter if you’re not painting that with the wall paint. You may want to restore it and you may not have much real surface to cover with wall paint.

But in the example we’re using, it’s a standard room of 12 by 14 square feet. You’ll need two gallons of wall paint.


In the example we’re using, we have a socket, a pair of windows, two six-panel sliding doors, a six-pane sliding door, and the main entrance to the room.

If you’re applying a coating, you may be able to get along with yours with just a liter of molding paint. However, if you are applying two layers, you’re cutting it very close to that track and sometimes we’re just going directly to buy the gallon.

Approximate cost of paint

Because of mathematics and so on, there are quarters of a gallon. However, generally the quarter gallon costs around $20 and as soon as you buy two of them are as much as $40 and the whole gallon of paint for molds would probably be in that region from $45 to $55.

It is almost always cheaper to go ahead and buy a full gallon of molding paint. The example we’re using, we have a standard room of 12 by 14 feet, with roofs of two and a half meters high. 

Therefore, to estimate the cost of painting in the interior of the house including the frames. We recommend that you look for painting professionals in City Coatings.

Amount of paint for molding

With a gallon of ceiling paint, one gallon for frames and two gallons of wall paint. This is quite standard for most of the rooms you will encounter and that are within that range. 

To be sure, we will take some measures and some calculations as we have learned in this post. Take into account the amount of frames that are in the windows, door frames and other decorative. That will give you an idea of how much paint you’re going to use. 

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Frequently asked questions about how much paint to use in a room

Despite the explanation, do you still have some doubts? That’s normal, especially if it’s the first time we’re going to paint the interior of our house. But here we leave you some answers to common questions that many are asked on Google.

What kind of paint should be used for a room?

In fact, you can use paintings of any class, but it is always recommended that we use very high quality paintings to be able to get great results and excellent coverage. Especially if we have a large house with several rooms.

Is it advisable to buy some extra paint for unexpected events?

It is recommended that you buy an extra amount of paint because there are future retouches or possible unexpected during the long application process. However, you can consult your paint contractor in City Coatings directly.

What is the coverage per liter of paint?

It is necessary to mention that the coverage per liter, is the amount of square meters that each painter can cover per liter of paint. It all depends on the type of paint and the brand you are using, the better or recognized the brand, better results will be obtained in your paint project.

How much paint is needed for a 12×12 square foot room?

Actually, one and a half gallons of paint would be needed to cover a room of 12×12 square feet, where its walls are 8 feet high. Remember the formula we talked about at the beginning. Take into account how much cover the paint you are going to buy according to its label and make the calculations.

What factors influence the amount of paint required?

Among the factors can be the following: the size of the room, the porosity of the walls, the color and the hue of the paint. It also includes whether the professional painter uses it in a way that does not manage to waste it, unless there is an unforeseen occurrence in the painting project. Like, for example, accidental paint spills.

Where can I get more information on how to measure a room to paint it?

You can talk to and consult with experts in the painting area, at specialized companies such as Calgary City Coatings. There are even people who are good looking for online tutorials that deal in detail about how to calculate the right amount of paint that is needed to be able to paint a room.

Find out more about the best paint hire company in City Coatings! πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

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Acquire the skill to calculate the amount of paint required for a room
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Acquire the skill to calculate the amount of paint required for a room
Discover how to determine the precise quantity of paint required for a particular space step-by-step to save money.
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