The best method for estimating interior paint jobs: time-based estimation

Ever wonder how painters price interior jobs? Discover time-based estimation, the industry standard for interior painting.

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Do you know how painters estimate interior painting jobs? If you ask yourself, it’s because you want to hire a painting company to help you with this. But, you’re afraid your budget will be wasted.

Don’t worry, in this post we’ll see this vital point, the time-based method for estimating painting jobs. In this way, you will not be fooled and make the best decision for your home painting project.

What is time-based estimation?

This is the time-based method for estimating painting jobs used by paint contractors that generate millions of dollars in revenue each year. Many have learned what its process is to make it more efficient.

Which is a very valuable information that everyone should know, including new to the branch and homeowners who want to complete their interior painting project.

Benefits of time-based estimation

Time-based estimation has several benefits. First of all, it allows you to create a system about how you estimate the cost of painting, eliminating conjecture and allowing you to earn more money constantly on each job.

Secondly, there is an amount of time in which you can find your team to tell you how much time things should take to produce the work on time and within the budget.

Thirdly, it will allow you to form a team by allowing other people to use this information. Other people, often with minimal training, will be able to replicate their time-based estimation process, giving you a platform to do so.

Variables to consider of how painters estimate interior painting Jobs

To know how long this work will take, we need to understand the variables we are working with. The first thing is to ask yourself, what are we going to be painting? Are it just the walls? The ceiling? The ornaments? The sockets? Or any variety of those things.

The second is to ask yourself, how many layers of paint are going to be, and thirdly, you will need to calculate how long the preparation work takes, what kind of driving time and where the work is located.

Once we have all these elements, we can start to calculate how long this work takes and set a price for our client. Today we will describe an example of the application of 2 layers of paint: to the ceilings, walls and sockets of a room.

We will also show how painters estimate interior painting jobs using time-based rates.

  • Measure the space and count the number of items

The first step to the time-based method for estimating painting jobs is to find out how much surface, linear feet and how many elements we are going to paint. To do that, we’re going to have to measure. The easiest way to do this, as Painting professionals have told us, is to use a laser measurement.

This will allow you to take the dimensions quickly, accurately and efficiently so that you do not have to move things while taking the measurements. You can also do this using a metric tape or walking around the room. But laser measurement will save you time and paint experts strongly recommend it.

  • Calculate the number of painting hours for each surface

Another point of how painters estimate interior painting jobs is after it has been measured the room or space to paint. We will calculate three different surfaces: wall, sockets and ceilings. Let’s see how it’s done!

Calculation to paint wall

The calculations are made, in this example, we note that there are 384 square feet of wall to paint. When we use a time-based tariff system, we divide the square feet by the number of plaster panels that our professional painters can paint in an hour.

A good price to start if you are new or new to this, would be 100 square feet to apply 2 layers of paint per hour. Once you know how long it takes your team to do this work, you can adjust this rate, but this is an excellent starting point.

Once we have this, we can calculate how long this room takes to paint. By dividing the square feet of the wall of 384 square ft by the time our painters take to paint, which is 100 square foot/hour. We find that this room takes 3.84 hours to paint in total.

Calculation for painting sockets

In this step we must determine how long it will take to paint the sockets. To do this, we will use the same method that we use for the calculation of the walls. Our measurements show that we have 48 linear feet of sockets to paint and we’ll have to divide that by the amount of time our team can paint 2 layers on sockets.

If you’re new to this field, 30 feet linear is a great number to get started. So, for this example room, we have 48 linear feet of sockets. Let’s divide them by 30 feet/hour to give us 1.6 hours to paint the sockets in 2 layers in this room.

Calculations for painting the ceilings

In this other step of this process, the time-based method for estimating painting jobs on ceilings. It is calculated using the same method that we use for walls and sockets to do this.

Are you new to the painting industry? Try to rate it between 75 and 100 square feet per hour and see if that makes sense to your team. Now that we have time for the three surfaces, we can add this to calculate how long this Okotoks painting project will take.

In this particular case, the walls, socket and ceiling to apply 2 layers of paint will take 7.34 hours and this is what we will use to apply our hourly rate to get the total cost

           hours to paint walls

  • hours to paint baseboards
  • hours to paint ceilings


= total hours to paint

           3.84 hours

  • 1.6 hours
  • 1.9 hours


= 7.34 hours

At this point, you might be wondering, is there any tool that can help you make these calculations? The answer is PaintScout.


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PaintScout, the effective tool for making paint calculations

PaintScout is a platform that has everything in one. It is designed so that paint contractors can create quick estimates in the workplace. Also, manage that sale from beginning to end. Includes the following:

  • The ability to send quotations to customers.
  • Receive payments from customers.
  • Communicate with customers directly in the application.

The latter is the best part, allowing you to use your time-based rates to produce estimates quickly and accurately.

  • Account for any additional hours

Now that we have discovered how long it will take to paint this interior paint project. We also have to consider how long it will take to set up, clean up and finish it. To do this, you’ll want to have rates that take into account these kinds of tasks.

So, is there a standard amount of time it takes to set up or clean, or is this cleaning work outside your usual service area? These are times that we must add to properly estimate this project and get the price for our client.

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  • Calculate the price of the project

The final part of this process is to calculate the cost for your customer. Apply your hourly rate and your materials to the amount of time this project will take. To determine your hourly rate, you should be able to calculate what your business costs and earnings needs.

In today’s example, we will use an hourly rate of $65/hour to make this calculation. So, with 8.34 hours to do the work and an hourly charge of $65/hour, you will charge the customer around $542 for this project.

We can have materials if necessary for that amount to get our total cost for the project. Please note that some paint contractors decide to include the cost of the material in their hourly rate and that will depend on you.

This is how the time estimate system works to paint a bedroom. If this process is useful, you can apply it to other areas of the house. To ensure that your estimates are made easily, quickly and consistently.

10 recommendations on how painters estimate interior painting jobs in Okotoks

It is important to know what to do in these cases, in addition to the steps that experts apply. It is vital that you take into account these 10 recommendations from the same paints professionals.

1. Get multiple quotes

This is one of the best ways to ensure a better price for every paint work you want to perform. Constantly compare the quotes given to you by different painters and you can ask if all costs are included, such as labor, materials and supplies.

2. Experience that the painting contractor has

Make sure you can hire a painter who is experienced in the kind of work you need to embellish your area. It is good that he shows you his previous works and asks if he has any references or catalog.

3. Get everything in writing

Once you have found a responsible painter, make sure you have everything you are going to do in writing, including his quotation, the full scope of the work and his schedule. This is what will help you avoid misunderstandings in the future and you will be well prepared for any inconvenience.

4. Give the painter access to his home

The painter must confidently and respectfully access his home to prepare and paint the areas or surfaces that are within your project. Always make sure to provide your painter with good access to all areas so that he can work with more comfort and without downtime.

5. Move your valuables and furniture

The painter has the duty to move valuable objects, including furniture, and put them out of his way so that he can paint in peace. You can do this yourself or you can ask your painter to do it for an additional charge on your part.

6. Cover the floors and furniture

The painter will take the necessary measures to protect the floors and other household products from any damage caused by the paint. But if you yourself want to cover the areas where it is painted, a good idea can be with cloths or plastics for greater protection.

7. Stay at home when the painter is working

It is a suggestion to be able to be at home when your paint contractor is working so that he can help you answer or clarify any questions or doubts you have about the work in progress.

8. Inspect the work once it is complete

Once the professional painter has been able to finish his work, take some time to carefully analyze and inspect the entire project. Check if there are any stains, droplets or other imperfections in the work to finish. If you do not like the job, notify the professional immediately so you can fix it quickly.

9. Pay the painter once he is satisfied with the work

Once you see the good performance and an expected result, pay the painter as you have agreed so that they finish on good terms. That way, you can rethink his work.

10. Additional costs to consider

You can add the cost of preparing the surface, as the preparation of the surface can include shaving, grinding and licking. This additional cost may vary depending on the surfaces to be painted.

For the most part, the estimated price of interior paint in Okotoks can vary depending on the type of work and the size of the area. It also involves the experience and materials to use.

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The best method for estimating interior paint jobs: time-based estimation
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The best method for estimating interior paint jobs: time-based estimation
Ever wonder how painters price interior jobs? Discover time-based estimation, the industry standard for interior painting.
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