Precise Painting Estimates: How Much Does it Really Cost to Paint Walls?

Precise Painting Estimates: How Much Does it Really Cost to Paint Walls? Get ready to take your painting knowledge to the next level? Well, we take you by the hand to discover the best wall painting trends in Okotoks, Calgary during 2024.

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We are in an unbeatable moment to unleash all your ideas to transform each wall into an attractive and exciting canvas.

It is a mystery that almost always arises with our clients, who contact us to quote the service of a professional painter. For that reason, in this article we will clarify the 9 most important factors that we at City Coatings have experienced when it comes to pricing wall paint in Okotoks.

Painting is an art that cannot be simplified into brush strokes of color, if not it is a work that transforms spaces and gives them their own personality. It is an art that makes a difference in all types of environments and communities.

For example, Okotoks, Calgary has become a community with a certain charm and much of that appeal is due to the excellent choice of painting services for its homes, turning them into a place of great comfort and beauty.

With the right choice for paint in your home, you will not only be taking a step forward, but you will also turn your dreams into reality.

How to quote a local painting service in Okotoks?

In the fascinating branch of interior design there are multiple ways to transform a space, among them is, without a doubt, painting walls and facades.

Okotoks, Calgary, offers a unique charm where stunning natural landscapes seamlessly blend with modern urban aesthetics. Due to the way it transforms spaces, just like other art forms, house painting can significantly impact the visual experience and atmosphere of a space.

But to obtain the complete transformation, the most important thing is to make or obtain an accurate quote for your project.

That is why in this entry of our blog, we bring you a series of recommendations so that you can quote each project in an ideal way. We also bring you examples that can give you greater clarity for your designs.

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Likewise, you have to analyze the costs to paint the walls and this depends a lot on the company, as some professionals usually charge between 1.50 and 3.59 dollars per square foot, while other painters can give you a price of 2 to 6 dollars per square foot. 

So depending on the professional and also the type of area you are going to paint, the total price will be determined. If you are looking to paint the walls of a room, the final cost would be approximately $775 dollars, which by the way, is a high cost.

On the other hand, at City Coatings we base it on the square footage of the walls and not the square footage of the floor, so our cost would be $475 just to paint the walls.

This cost already involves the use of high-quality washable paint, which is known as Super Paint Velvet, which entails minimal preparation on walls and furniture in the room where the action will take place.

To define this price, we leave you the way in which we make this quote so that you have it in mind and can select us as the lowest option or also so that you have an estimate if you hire another professional.

We get our price using between $0.75 and $0.85 per square foot of wall, which means that for your entire house or any facility it would be $2 to $2.50 per square foot.

In the field of home painting services there are always essential points that must be taken into account when carrying out a professional project, one of them is to make a quote for the entire work to bring it to a successful conclusion.

In this regard, carrying out an accurate estimate for the painting work will save you more than one headache in the future, in addition, this issue makes the project profitable.

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Disadvantages of not getting a quote for your painting project

Failure to get a quote before hiring a professional to paint your home can lead to many financial and operational problems. Additionally, if you do not provide a quote, it may delay your project and negate all the expenses that the project entails.

If a cost plan is missing, it may be the case that the owners do not know everything related to the extra services that may be required for the completion of the work. This could lead to disagreements with the contractor.

The lack of quality assurance in the final project is another point of disadvantage in this type of work, so not having a written agreement can result in the painter not carrying out his work properly or leaving it incomplete. 

A formal quote gives you the opportunity to negotiate terms and conditions and also provides details on the quality of service you expect to receive.

Why get a quote on a painting job?

Breathing new life into a space at home can feel overwhelming at first. However, with a few key steps, it’s actually an achievable task.

This situation is extremely relevant, not only to avoid errors in the project, but also to guarantee the success of the tasks to follow. With this you will also avoid making mistakes in the provision of the service.

Also consider that if you charge poorly for a service, the client may assume that the service was of low quality and therefore, they will lose trust in us, which can affect the contractor in the long run, since they will not request another service again. , much less recommend you.

To avoid this type of situation, it is best that you explore with us the most accurate way to calculate costs and labor in painting projects, particularly in local painting.

The 9 Most Important Factors to Consider When Estimating Wall Painting Costs

In 2024, painting will have a plus with the fusion of technology, since the market will be able to enjoy tools such as intelligent paint applicators and other contributions such as state-of-the-art masking. If you apply them, you will achieve surprising results.

Don’t stop and revitalize your home with color and creativity. The walls of your house will thank you and will also give it a unique style.

Before delving into the house painting industry, it is essential to understand the basics that accompany an accurate quote. Here we leave you some of them:

Dimensions and difficulty of the project

The project can range from a comfortable room to a majestic residence, but each work has unique challenges and requirements.

Prepare the surface

Check to see if the ceiling or walls require repairs before applying the paint, as this may contribute to the cost being higher than originally anticipated.

You must prepare the area where you will apply the paint, that is, clean the walls or the facade, because if there are holes due to the tapestry or adhesive tape attached, they must also be considered in the quote.

Paint class and finishes

These can range from matte paints to gloss enamels, but it depends on the type of paint and finish you select for the final cost.

If you select low-cost or better quality paints that professional builders use, that is, matte gloss paint.

What you have to consider with this type of paint is that it is not washable and we really do not recommend it if you are not looking to invest again to paint the walls. Matte paint is only recommended if you are looking to spend as little as possible.

But at City Coatings we can advise you to use eggshell gloss paint, which is normally the most commonly used, as it provides enough shine and is washable.

Although if what you are looking for is to use a product with more shine than eggshell, keep in mind that the cost will rise with each measure of brightness that increases.

Experimenting with bold colors

If you’ve gotten bored of always painting white, don’t worry, there will always be a way to give your spaces a twist with more exciting colors.

In fact, in 2024 you can make use of pastel colors, which are in trend. With this step you will be part of those who dare to give new life to your home. This way you will get out of the monotony.

Play with textures

Remember that paint is not only color, in this year 2024, another of the trends that must be taken into account are textures, as there are all types, from sponging techniques to metallic or marbled finishes.

Say goodbye to boring walls

If you are looking to give an artistic air to your home, one of the best tips we give you is to choose mural walls. It doesn’t matter if they are lush landscapes or abstract designs, the important thing is that you give your spaces a new image.

Check the furniture

An important factor, without a doubt, is the furniture in the house. You have to take into account whether you have to move them or remove the tapestry, as it is extra time that has to be organized to carry it out properly.

Masking amount

Lastly, the amount of masking we have to do. The price will also go up if you have carpet and it needs to be masked. Depending on whether it has to be covered with wood, the price will be.

If you are painting a room, it may seem like a quicker job, but it isn’t always because masking is a time-consuming task. The same goes for glazed walls.

Modify a wall

Another point that you should pay attention to is whether you have to cut a wall to be able to paint it, since it is a task related to detail and that is why the cost is higher, as more time is spent on preparation and masking.


In short, 2024 is undoubtedly the perfect year to give your home a new lease of life. Call us so we can guide you through the model of your project or better yet, to paint your house the way you have imagined it.

We have for you the best offers on the house painting market, just go to our social networks and let us know how we can help you.

With this we say goodbye and we hope that we have been able to guide you in the best way to make a quote tailored to your needs and also so that you can define what type of paint you require.

It is best that you have a general overview to evaluate the total cost of a professional when hiring him to paint your house or its walls, but at a fair price.

Don’t forget that at Calgary City Coatings we are here to serve you and that you can contact us whenever you want. We can provide you with a quote and adapt it to your needs.

We have service both in Okotoks, Calgary and in other regions of Canada, we can also advise you on the best paint brands we have worked with so you can choose the best one.

For more information, advice and more details about our professional painting services, be sure to visit our site at

Local Paint Costs: The 9 Factors for Pricing Wall Paint in Okotoks
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