Learn how much painting Pros charge for the interior of a 1500 sq ft home

7 factors you should take into account to calculate the cost of painting a 1500 Sq Ft home interior. We´ll help you find out how much painters charge in average.

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How much it cost interior home painting? The first thing you should consider when you try to calculate how much it will cost to paint your interior from which is what you are going to paint.

Definitely it matters differently to paint your walls, walls and ceilings or your wall, ceiling, frames and doors. So when it comes to calculating how much it will cost to paint your interior, there are actually two different ways to solve this.

But how much do painters charge? Some painters use a price per square foot and that covers everything, i.e. walls, ceiling and moldings. Now as Okotoks painting company we do not estimate that way, so in this post we will talk about how to detail with their ceilings, walls and frames, each with its own price.

Interior painting costs according to painters in Okotoks: 7 essential factors

The cost of interior home painting in Okotoks varies depending on factors such as the area being painted, the type of paint used and the quality of the paint, with prices ranging from $4,000 to $12,000 for different homes in Okotoks. Let’s see more details!

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1. Space measurements (wall, ceiling and linear meters of moldings)

Painting professionals to be able to take the measurements of the different spaces, must take the width by the top of each of your walls. Then they add it or you can use the space of your floor to calculate the ceilings. But you can only get an approximate measure of the distance from the frame you are using or are going to paint.

Once you have determined these approximate measures, you will want to have a unit cost to multiply them. To get a good space on your walls, you can multiply between $1.25 and $1.50 per square foot depending on how many walls and how many square feet you go to paint.

For the ceilings you can spend approximately between $1.25 and $1.50 per square foot. For the frames, it could cost $1.75 and $2.25 per linear foot and that should give you a good average of what you will see when you get quotations to paint your interior.

2. Cost per unit

What you will find with most painters is that the unit price is slightly adjusted according to what you want. What that means is, the more units in particular you go to make, the less it will cost.

So if you have more space on the wall to paint, it’s usually cheaper than if just painting a room that costs the square foot tends to be a little higher. The same applies to ceilings, walls and frames.

3. How many doors are you painting?

On average, most painters charge around $50 per door, so add that to your quotation. Once you have done all the calculations, you should have a good idea of how much your interior home painting Okotoks will cost.

There are repairs, there are special circumstances, you’re removing the corn pigeons, you are painting cabinets, or it’s an empty house. You’re going to spray paint or you’re gonna use the roll. All these factors are important in determining the cost of the interior of the house.

4. Large or small house

Put an example, a 1,500-square-foot house has approximately 4,000 square feet of space on the walls, making it a larger painting project than expected. It has 4 floors, so there is a little more space in the walls than you would expect from a 1,500-square-foot house.

It would also make the ceiling, walls, moldings, doors and a little bars. Practically everything you can paint in the house is made, except the cabinets, as in this example, the cabins are not made of wood and therefore cannot be painted. But if the house you will paint will also paint the kitchen cabinets, then, you should add it to the quote.

In this project example, approximately $8500 is being sought, which is divided into:

  • Wall spaces: $5,000
  • Roof spaces: $1,500
  • Interior decorations: approximately $2,000
  • Metal bars: $600

When all this is added together, the cost of interior painting by a Okotoks painting company is $8,500.

5. Rooms, bathrooms and more

As for paint ranges you can see prices everywhere for interiors. Yeah, you can see $4,000, $6,000, $8,000, or even $12,000. Let’s see a comparison of some prices on range by painting professionals in Calgary.

Cost $ 6.000 Cost $ 12.000
4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms Completely repainted interior
Spaces: walls, ceiling, moldings, doors, bars

8 rooms, 2 bathrooms

Spaces: walls, ceiling, moldings, doors

We have a minimum of $2,000 on all interior projects. Mainly because our indoor teams have 4 to 6 people and it is really difficult for Okotoks paint contractors to do smaller jobs.

All have a minimum cost and sometimes you can get it for less. For example, a typical room can cost between $600 and $1,200 depending on the size of the room.

6. More material and more time

One of the questions they often ask is, Why is painting the interior of a house more expensive than painting its exterior? Inside tend to be more surfaces to paint.

There’s definitely more masking, like more tape, more plastic, and more paper. Normally a person does not paint the roof of his house, but the painting company Okotoks if we paint the ceilings in the interior of the house.

7. The type of paint used

If you are a paint contractor in Okotoks, then ask yourself What kinds of products are you using? What kind of paint do you are using in the interior frames? What kind of paint are you using on the walls? What type of paint do you use for the ceilings?

All manufacturers have a fairly wide range, product ranges that can cost as little as $40 to $50 per gallon or as much as $95 to $125 per Gallon depending on the brand and quality of the paint.

What will look different within these paint qualities is that they are resistant to use. So ask yourself, how well can you clean and dry them? or How easily are they worn out?

Therefore, as a homeowner, they have an intense family with many children and dogs. You probably want to use a better product just so you can bring a little more life to your interior paint.

Recommendations by Painting professionals in Okotoks

In the project example we talked about earlier, a product called sherwin-williams cashmere was used. It is highly recommended for paint contractors. This is one of your high-end mid-grade paintings that gives you a good life at a reasonable cost.

A couple of products that you might consider using are: Sherwin Williams Duration home or sherwin williams emerald. Both products are phenomenal interior paintings.

But, if you’re just looking for a cheaper paint option, you can try promar 200 of sherwin-williams, it’s a great choice.

Remember that it is best to make your work something that gains good testimonies. Otherwise, your customers will never be satisfied. In Calgary, there are many painting professionals, but if you do your best for your good work even though it costs time, human resources and materials, it will be worth it.

Another recommendation of painting professionals in Calgary, is that they should think very carefully about the budget that the customer has. Therefore, it is vital to quote according to your budget and according to the arrangements made in the house.

Of course, both the client and the painting company in Okotoks must be in agreement in order to be able to determine the final budget of the interior painting of the house.

Calgary City Coatings: Best Okotoks Painting Company

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Not only do we apply color, we are also committed to exceeding all your expectations. We carefully prepare each of the surfaces in your home. Also, if necessary, we repair all kinds of imperfections.

On the other hand, we created a very perfect canvas for all those design ideas. Forget once and for all the roofs of corn pigeons that are now very outdated.

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If you wish, let us revitalize your area or interior space to create a wonderful atmosphere that is much more modern and elegant. So you can reflect a unique and special style.

Benefits of hiring us

With Calgary City Coatings you can be confident, they have more than 30 years of experience in the interior painting industry. They also use high-quality paintings and materials.

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Without a doubt, with Calgary City Coatings, your big decoration dreams can become a reality. So, do not hesitate to contact us if possible today to be able to make a free consultation, we promise you that you will not regret.

How much painting Pros charge for the interior of a 1500 sq ft home
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How much painting Pros charge for the interior of a 1500 sq ft home
7 factors you should take into account to calculate the cost of painting a 1500 Sq Ft home interior. We´ll help you find out how much painters charge in average.
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